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Why I Won’t Teach You How to Cook

I am not a professionally trained chef, I just have a good palate and love food. There’s a trance like state when your prepping and making something to the point where it enters your mouth, it always taste better when you’ve put the work into it. I hope that you only use my recipes as a guidance and go for your own forms of experimentation. If you want to follow them, they will definitely guide you down the right path, but also feel free to swing off the side and go off road a bit. To me, the whole point of cooking is that, it is never perfect and is always fluctuating, it is you and what you want it to be.

I have never believed in following a recipe, but rather literally listening to you gut. Now if you don’t even know how to boil a pot of water, this blog my friend, is not for you. I offer a but of guidance on nutritious ( that includes fat) and delicious ways to use up food you have or even want to venture to pick up. One of the most popular posts on Toasty is actually the Wahoo steak, which is actually a fish and I have only found once, in New Jersey at Wegmans. Proof that people are interested and want to explore, even if its something they have never heard of.

I thrilled to constantly be increasing in readers and followers and always am up for feedback so let me know what you want to see more of and like cooking, what can be done moving forward.

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