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For the love of Butter and the Plant Based Lifestyle

Micheal Pollen said something along the lines of eat mostly plants when teaching people how to re-think their food choices. It’s not surprising that all developed countries, but particularly the United States is extremely overweight and unhealthy. Given consumers are thrown food options and choices everywhere they turn, its turned into like a real life candy land, pocketing the companies with nice profits and making the rest of us sick.

Now, I have a good number of friends that can’t stand to look at anything green. It freaks them out. Maybe it reminds them of childhoods growing up in concrete cities and so is to be reverted to as a nuclear attack, or they grew up on a farm, and don’t fancy getting cozy with the same color foods they fed the cows. Though I will state again, I am absolutely not vegan, I do eat a ton of vegetables, enough that at this point I have considered getting a hydroponic farm installed on my roof because that might be cheaper than my grocery bill, and I rent.

We all know that if health is the ultimate goal, a balanced diet is the key. But unlike the supersize steaks that can feed a small village in a developing country, the meat should be kept to a minimum and vegetables that not only give you the most bang (nutrient wise) for your buck, but can be used down to every last scrap, should be the star of your meals. I found that fish is harder to over-portion, unless you eat a lot of whale, and even that is typically served in small portions and actually resembles steak.

You can’t forget about flavor and fun when prepping your vegetables or racking your brain for other pairings with your toast instead of everyones friend, Avocado. Some ideas can be the addition of nuts, seeds, fresh herbs, and yes, butter. Go for the grass fed type and get it in early in the am, it will help keep you full and has its own bragging rights for a food superstar. If your watching your cholesterol levels, or really are vegan, a brand that I adore, Miyoko’s, the best thing out there. I never have liked a vegan cheese ( just eat the real thing) and never even wanted to try a butter, assuming the worst and that it would catapult me into writing angry letters to companies that cardboard is not a food group. Its not cheap, coming in at $5.99, yes a whole dollar more than my other regular grass red brand, Kerrygold but worth every penny. This plant based butter, actually melts and tastes like the real deal. They’ve been able to nail down all the complexities of butter and made it into a plant loving mecca, so you can control your health and dance with your taste buds. It accidentally fell out of my grocery bag and was in the car, and just like real butter, can be left at room temp and still eaten, were all human after all.

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