Creamy, nutty, smooth. One of my favorite things to do is visit a local cheese shop and take in olfactory overload. Some adults, especially those of European descent, are likely to be Lactose intolerant and should watch their intake of dairy products such as cheese and milk. A great alternative for cow or goat’s milk are nut or grain based milks. When it comes to cheese and yogurt, just go for the real stuff, I have tried a bunch of different brands that try to emulate the real thing but so far nothing seems to compare, so make the exception. Below is my version of the Bermuda Triangle of cheeses, careful not to get to cross the edge too much or we’ll never find you.

Parmesan: To top soups theres nothing better than nutty Parmesan. Its also great crumbled onto veggies, eggs, and pastas and you don’t need to use a ton for the flavor. Always get freshly grated and make sure its of a nice age. You’ll notice that the little white crystals appear as the cheese ages and this makes it easier to digest ( and attests to the cheeses crumb like qualities)

Gruyère: From Italy to Switzerland, we land at the top of the triangle. Hitting all Umami senses, this cheese can confuse you as to its mix of salty and sweet profile. Because its so strong it can hold its own when partnered with other equally intense veggies, fruit spreads, or nuts- its a zero sum game. Its great to use anywhere you want melted goodness. Theres an honorable mention of Greece’s version of Gruyère, called Graviera which is a bit milder in flavor for those of you who are shy.

Feta: The last stop is Greece. Feta can come in goat, sheep, or cows milk but I find the goat is the best. Note that its stored in brine and has a relatively long fridge life-if its not, do not buy it. Married to Extra Virgin and Oregano years ago, its is known to stray a bit and partner with sweeter partners like honey or orange jam.

Grass Fed 2% Greek Yogurt: When it comes to yogurt, I like to add my own flavors to it so I tend to avoid the pre-flavored ones. Packed full of protein and probiotics, it can be sweetened with maple syrup or honey and be savory with additions like salt & pepper, olive oil, and basil.