Cacahuete Croustillant

Out of no where a massive craving just hit you. You want something salty that resembles a chip but your not quite ready to indulge that much- or you just did last night and theres none left.  Instead of buying chips again, try a bit of peanuty salty goodness. What is this amazing snack you ask? In France, they have these little gluten free baked goodies called croustillant’s that are make with corn flour and some flavoring like nut, BBQ, or cheese and then baked in the oven and package for your ease. You can attempt to make them at home as well, but the small twisty size is difficult to achieve without the help of some sort of machine, and unless you have super hands, they just cant form the same little bite.

While I searched all over the internet for these little snacks, I gave up hope in finding something similar and opted for rice crackers toped with nut butter. Imagine my delight when running into the local supermarket in NYC, and roaming the aisles for fun as I always do, I found P-nuff crunch baked vegan snacks. Interesting… I grabbed the bag and checked the ingredients to find that its made with navy beans, white rice, peanut oil, tapioca starch, organic evaporated cane juice, brown rice protein, peanuts, and salt. One serving has 5g of protein and they are baked. I bought them, how could I not? The real test came about 20 minutes later when I tried them. AMAZING. They have the perfect crunch, they’re not oily, they taste just like the croustillants I was aching for, but even better. Oh and to top it off, they are fodmap approved!



Full of iron, copper, and Vitamin E, olives are a great little snack to have with an aperitif or while your cooking. It is also proven to help lower your LDL cholesterol You may want to even un-pit them and add some chopped ones to your veggies or fish if thats what is on the menu today.

Make sure they are stored in their juices and when serving just remove with a slotted spoon from the brine, add some fresh oregano and thyme and a spritz of lemon. The little tapas fork pictured is perfect to grab one quickly! Even better, they’re sitting on a hot plate so they can easily be pushed over to make room for that hot iron cast pan, you know, if you roll like that..

 Simple Mills Pre-Made Baking Mixes

Simple Mills is awesome. They are gluten-free, all the ingredients they use your probably pretty familiar with already ( most of them with a base of almond or cassava flour), and all their pre- made baking mixes are so easy to make. The one pictured here is the Pumpkin Mix, but Im no stranger to the Chocolate mix either. They have a ton of products that are great if your gluten-free and they taste great, unlike some other gluten free brands that resemble cardboard..What’s even more impressive about Simple Mills, is that they actually give you details and origins of the items they use in their mixes so you know that your consuming whole foods.




Dehydrated Tomato Slices with Parmesan and Chorizo

This is just a beautiful snack. You can purchase dehydrated tomato slices from a gourmet grocery store, like I did because I can be quite lazy at times or because I just have this need to try every new item I come across at the grocers.  You could actually make your own by thinly slicing tomatoes and placing them in on parchment paper in an 175 F oven for 2-3 hours and letting them cool in the oven until dry. The tomato slices get topped with thinly slices of aged Parmesan and then sliced uncured Chorizo. Its great for a mid day snack, as an accompaniment to brunch, or for cocktail hour. They are easy to eat and low carb for those of you you follow those kinds of things.