Think about all the ways you can eat rice. It can be made into a porridge, served alongside any protein or vegetable, mixed with yogurt, topped with an egg, fried in oil, baked in the oven, mixed with spices, or eaten plain (out of breath yet?). Just make sure you never eat plain white rice and you pretty much know how I feel about food. Not only does it nourish you and help fuel all your activities, but there are so many variations of the simplest item, such as rice, that its hard not to explore them all. This vision of food may also explain as to why I have a love/hate relationship with buffets,  I need to try everything, like a curious cogitating chef, but a stomach can only hold so much, especially if something is so good you need seconds.

Speaking of stomachs, I recently experienced horrific bloating and pain in my belly after eating. It was so bad at times I was pretty sure my pant buttons would pop like a champagne cork and the saber was my gut. What was more frustrating was that it was inhibiting me from enjoying the food that I worked so hard to make. Fine, sometimes I work hard, like on attempts to make pastries ( they’re just not my forte) or elaborate European dishes. Mostly I’m all about fast, fresh, and easy, as like you, I am always multitasking and short on time. This bloating of mine was diagnosed as IBS (a ton of people have it, they just do not know it) and I had to follow this specific diet called a FODMAP, of which of course I cheated all the time, to see which foods affected me. During this process it was extremely difficult not to think about it at all times and find recipes that were my style and within my list of allowed foods so I decided to start writing them up. Not all the recipes on here are IBS related, to make it simple I have marked them if they are to make it easy for those of you who want to follow it.

I do cook for other people and not everyone has an aversion to onion or celery, hence the diversity. The one consistent thing is that I was always asked for the recipes and never remembered them ( I only measure for you guys, I am really more of a “wing it” type of person when it comes to the kitchen) so that added to my desire to share everything. Thank you for spending time on the blog and I hope you get to try some of the tasty dishes!

Happy cooking,