I cannot ever call a meal complete without a little something sweet to end it. There is something about the finality of ending your lunch of dinner when it is closed out with a pleasant lingering of a melliferous like dance on your tongue. The list here is short as I like to stay as close to nature as possible!

Palm Sugar: Use this to sweeten your coffee, in baked goods, or anywhere you would regularly use white table sugar. Its often found in Thai dishes and comes in a bit of a liquid form as it is minimally processed. It also has a bit of a nutty aroma to it, which is wonderful not to mention it actually contains a bit of minerals like potassium, zinc, iron, , phosphorus, manganese, and copper. It also has a low Glycemic Index so you wont be on a sugar high!

Honey: Total honey snob. I buy mine straight from family farms in Greece who cultivate the honey by hand and have large thyme feasts for their little busy bees. The nectar aromas hit you before you even open the jar! If your looking for a good quality honey make sure its real honey and does not have any added substances like glucose, sugar syrup or molasses. The best way to test it at home is to take a spoon ( it should be a thick consistency and if turned in a jar stick to the sides) then dunk it in water. If it dissolves right away, its about as real as a $100 Rolex. Each batch of honey is going to taste different depending on what the bees ate and it could range from fir trees, to flowers, and pine. Flavor profile is up to you.

Maple Syrup: Preferably from the largest producer in the world and originator of the sappy liquid, Quebec. Like whiskey, this is better with age, go for a Grade A Dark, which yields a robust and most intense maple flavor. This is great to use in baking, granola, or to sweeten homemade nut milks.