Since I have IBS, I avoid any legumes or beans because they just don’t sit well with my stomach. While I may indulge, if I’m feeling like being dangerous and its necessary, like taking an taxi or Uber in NYC, here is my go to list to have in your kitchen. I debated whether to put red meat or chicken on it as those are two items I rarely have, the first because I only have red meat about thrice a month and I want my cows to eat just grass please ( grains are for other animals, like us) and the latter because I am just not a fan. That being said, I do have some delectable recipes for both, especially if one of those proteins is considered a main food group for some of you.

Wild Caught Salmon: Like bears, I too love my salmon. Full of Omega fatty acids and Potassium, this fish lends itself to a plethora of cooking techniques. However, sometimes easier is just better, place it in a 350 F oven for 15-20 min with olive oil, salt & pepper and finished with a ton of lemon. Sometimes smoked salmon graces me with its presence, but I try to limit cured products! Always have a couple of canned wild caught salmon tins as well in case you feel like a good salmon meatball.

Wild Caught Cod: A flaky, easy to grill and fry white fish, cod has a ton of salty flavor ( unlike other white fishes, I’m talking to you Chilean Sea Bass). It can pair well with tomato or butter based sauces and any veggie your craving,

Wild Caught Yellowfin Tuna: Go Asian or French with tuna, you can’t go wrong. This fish holds up great to marinades and the grill, though it can be a bit dry so make sure you have lots of sauce or citrus in there. Its also a great fish to play hide and seek with sesame seeds.

Canned Wild Caught Tuna: These bad boys are a real life saver if you ever come home from a trip and find your fridge is empty, and its midnight, and you need food, stat. They can be made into a tuna salad if thats your thing, but they’re much better made into a burger ( no eggs? use 1 tbsp ground flaxseed and 2 tbsp water) and thrown in a sizzling pan.

Canned Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Water: Love ’em. Maybe too much. They are so versatile that you can use them scrambled with eggs, incorporate into pastas, top with savory Greek yogurt on toast, add to a salad for extra protein, or broil them. Sometimes they never make it into my dishes because I end up eating them straight out of the can because I just can’t resist…

Scallops: If your ever in a hurry, scallops are the way to go. They’re done in about 10 minutes and because they’re low in calories they blend beautifully with a bit of butter and capers.

Eggs: YUM YUM!! Try to get these from your local farmer’s market. The eggs should be vegetarian fed and free range. Chickens do not know how to build houses on their own and they like their space, like we all do. The perfect egg has a more of an orange hue than yellow!