Thank you for clicking our Fats section, for those of you who did it without hesitation, you get brownie points. Fats get a bad rep for well, making us chunkier than what we’d like. In defense of fats, dietitians probably were looking mostly at processed foods such as baked goods, bacon, red meat, rendered duck fat ( the latter of which is amazing by the way in mashed potatoes…) and all sorts of other things that are not really all that beneficial to your nutrition. There are lots of good fats too, in moderation of course, and luckily for you we list them below so you don’t really have to overthink it. Just eat the fat.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Because Im partial to Greek products ( this has nothing to do with the fact Im part Greek, they just make some of the best items out there!) I like Greek Olive Oil made from Kalamata olives. Spain, Italy, Australia, and Tunisia all have good ones as well. Try before you buy if possible as depending on the region and the olive you might get more fruit flavor than pepper and its important when it comes to your tastes in salad dressings or dips. In the recipes, we unless we note a fruity olive oil, count on it being peppery and full flavored.

Grass-Fed Organic Butter: Always get grass fed here, its worth the extra couple of bucks. Who doesn’t love butter with jam or Maldon sea salt on spelt bread?

Grass- Fed Ghee: This is like butter, but with more butter flavor. Its clarified butter, which means the milk solids have been boiled out of regular butter so it makes it easier to digest. Its also shelf stable, so it does not require to be kept in the fridge and because its so flavorful you can use a lot less of it than regular butter.

Non-Stick Spray: Thought about this for a while. I don’t really think anything that comes from a can that may or may not combust is really that great for you but it made it onto the list for its amazing ability to seamlessly glide out baked bread, cook an egg, or slide off cookies from a tray. Also, its worth noting that it is in the Fats section, because any product you use will still contain some trace elements of fats. If in doubt, go with the real thing.